ReviewFlowz: Review Management Tool

ReviewFlowz is an online review management platform for software companies. With its comprehensive features, functionalities, and competitive pricing, it’s a good alternative for your business. Take a deep dive into everything that ReviewFlowz has to offer.

At Profile Rankings, we’re passionate about helping startups and enterprises make the most of their online reviews! We strive to provide them with the right tools and software to manage and automate their reviews so they can take full control of their online reputation and maximize their success. Our mission is to give businesses the knowledge and confidence they need to make the best decisions for their businesses and ensure they get the most out of their online reviews.

What is ReviewFlowz?

ReviewFlowz is a review management platform for SaaS and B2B Service Companies. They help companies stay on top of their online reviews by receiving active notifications for every new feedback written for their businesses. They provide their clients with the option to receive these notifications via Slack, email, or webhooks.

They have an all-in-one dashboard that makes it convenient to check the status of your online reputation. With the help of their derive actionable insights with graphs and an effective search engine that allows you to filter based on platforms, dates, and star ratings – keeping track of your current online reputation is easy.

ReviewFlowz offers various support options through email, forums, and chat assistance should you encounter any problems with your service. They also offer live online and documented training so you can keep up to date with any changes to their processes.

Who is ReviewFlowz for?

ReviewFlowz is for SaaS and B2B service companies that are looking to invest in their review management as a part of their online reputation marketing strategy.

Companies that are looking for a platform that has the ability to track their review activity and engagements, and receive real-time analytics and monitoring, sentiment analysis, and feedback management can benefit from ReviewFlowz.

Businesses of any size, from freelancers all the way to large enterprises, may take advantage of the services they offer.

ReviewFlowz Cost and Pricing

(Pricing model evaluation: March 2023)

As of writing, there are three package tiers that ReviewFlowz is offering.

FREE: Includes tracking services for up to 2 business listings, sending reviews to 1 channel (either on Slack or via email), setting up to 1 watermarked review widget, searching for reviews on a business platform, and gathering reviews from all countries and languages.

LITE: costs $20/month. It includes tracking services for up to 5 business listings, sending reviews to at least 2 channels (Slack and email), setting up to 2 watermarked review widgets, searching for reviews on a business platform, gathering reviews from all countries and languages, tracking ratings on mobile applications, filtering notifications by rating or keyword, and exporting up to 100 reviews to CSV format.

PREMIUM: costs $50/month. It includes tracking services for up to 20 business listings, sending reviews to at least 10 channels (Slack, webhooks, and email), setting up to 10 review widgets with no watermark but with custom CSS, searching for reviews on a business platform, gathering reviews from all countries and languages, tracking ratings on mobile applications, filtering notifications by rating or keyword, and exporting up to 100 reviews to CSV format, unlimited review reports, tracking and exporting of competitors’ reviews for research purposes, displaying reviews via widgets, and connecting to the Google My Business API.

ReviewFlowz vs. Profile Rankings: A Comparison

Comparing ReviewFlowz and Profile Rankings can be tricky, but their approach to analyzing customer reviews and ratings is the key difference.

ReviewFlowz and Profile Rankings have some common features such as feedback management, sentiment analysis, social media integration, engagement tracking, and customizable branding just to name a few.

For a lite software, ReviewFlowz seems to be missing some basic account management features such as password and email changes. It may be helpful to keep this in mind should you decide to set up an account with them.

It can be challenging to make changes en masse and there had been some reports of bugs in their applications as ReviewFlowz is still a work in progress.

In conclusion, ReviewFlowz and Profile Rankings are both powerful tools to help businesses analyze competitors’ ratings & reviews, compare performance and identify new opportunities.

ReviewFlowz Alternatives

There is no shortage of platforms that offer the same services as ReviewFlowz. Suppose you’re looking for a specific feature they don’t carry, such as API integration, collaboration tools, customer segmentation, CRM, email management, or customizable template. In that case, there are a variety of alternatives that you might want to check out.

Some of the good alternatives for ReviewsFlowz are:
Reputation Brief
Profile Rankings

Many of these platforms offer the same basic services, but not all may carry what you are looking for. Whatever it is that you need, with ample research, you can find the right review management platform for you!

About Profile Rankings

Profile Rankings is an online reputation management tool that allows you to customize and automate ratings and reviews from different app sources like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, Amazon, and more. You can compare performance, and identify new opportunities for your brand. The platform provides a dashboard where you can see at a glance all the reviews of your brand so that you can measure and optimize your online reputation score and growth.

Profile Rankings caters to individuals, businesses, and global brands looking to measure and understand their reputation’s impact on the public. They provide comprehensive reputation intelligence and insights to help them assess the trust people have in their brand.