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Some of our integrations

Feature Packed

Custom Dashboard

Quickly view your key data and metrics in one place. Keep track of your progress with our real-time visuals and insights.

Respond to Reviews

Address negative reviews in a timely manner directly from our platform. Make sure your customers feel heard and valued.

Capture Video Reviews

You can easily capture video reviews and easily embed them onto your website, making it more engaging and informative.

Seamless Integrations

Create a more efficient workflow with simple and straightforward options to keep everything connected.

Share on Social Media

Show off your reviews and share them on social media – let the world know what your amazing customers have to say!

Simple Notifications

Stay in the know with us. Get notified when there are new reviews and never miss a thing.

Increase your visibility and score higher in the rankings

Incorporating more online reviews is a great way to do so. Reviews are a powerful tool for boosting your profile, putting your business in front of more people, and giving you a competitive edge.

Monitor your app reviews and ratings all in one place

Our tool gives you a crystal-clear view of all your app reviews, so you can quickly respond in real-time. Stay on top of the feedback and conversations that matter!

Get more reviews through QR code, Email, and SMS campaigns

Greet your customers with personalized email and SMS invitations, custom-tailored to capture their attention with stylish landing pages. Segment your customers for positive or negative sentiment to ensure maximum engagement!

Simply Amazing

Their platform makes staying on top of customer feedback effortless! All our reviews are in one, convenient spot. Plus, we can show off our excellent reviews on our website and social media channels with ease!
Jason Sanders

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