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We’re glad to know you want to write for us. Feel free to explore our guidelines below. 

Guidelines In Writing

We invite you to write articles that are interesting and relevant to our readers. We welcome stories about social media marketing, marketing tips, tricks, and hacks. We also highly encourage writings that focus on marketing strategies, analytics, and other relevant topics.

Article Qualifications


Ready to make sure your content meets our guidelines? We’ve got you covered with a helpful guide – just take a few moments to read through it and you’ll be writing compliant content in no time!


Submit your articles in a publish-ready format. We’ll review each post and make any necessary formatting adjustments. Posts requiring extensive editing may be declined.


We only accept content that has never been published before, ensuring that our contributors maintain originality and responsibility for their work. We guarantee fresh and unique content from each and every one of our contributors.


As you create content for us, please make sure to include relevant keywords that have a notable search volume and potential. To ensure the quality of your work, please be mindful to avoid keyword cannibalization and spamming.

Article Guidelines


We strongly suggest you proofread your article twice before submitting it. Including relevant media files and references to links can really boost your article, and we welcome SEO-based content. However, we won’t accept articles with keyword spamming, broken links, or irrelevant content.


Including links in your articles can be a powerful tool for driving readers to reliable and authoritative sources. However, for content integrity, we maintain the right to replace, remove, and even modify any and all links without the author’s permission. Be sure to use only trustworthy sources for your links.


For an effective piece, please include examples and media that are closely related to the points discussed. This will help to further emphasize the main points and create an engaging experience for our readers.


We actively discourage content that is too promotional and we don’t accept topics that have already been covered on our blogs. Anything not related to our niche and product won’t be published.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is all set to review your submission and we’ll be sending you an update in the next two weeks.

We want to ensure your article is published in a timely manner, so we ask that you abide by our guidelines. The publication date also depends on our content calendar.

You will receive an email as soon as your article is live.

We encourage you to dive into the exciting world of social media, digital, and content marketing! Get creative and use topics like Facebook and Instagram marketing, SEO-related content, marketing strategies and analytics, marketing tips and tricks, and so much more to create unique and engaging content.